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Everybody wants to make money online in 2018 but what are you doing to make it happen? Let’s start by saying happy New Year to you because this will be my first post on this blog this year. Have been busy putting something together, looking for a way to make 2018 a better year for all of us! I hope am able to get your attention with that topic?

That topic is not new right? You have read many content online on how to make money, even you have read a lot on how to make money in 2018. But, this one is different. Very different…….. Read the rest of this entry

Mini Importation Business Is What You Need Presently In Nigeria. As the year is about to end, many will be looking for a business to do to create a steady income online. Only God Knows how many searching result on Google this December Many are tired of working for someone else; they want to work for themselves. I do my mini importation business right inside my home without stress. There are many business you can do and one of these business is Fiverr but I count Importation is the best

Mini Importation Business is the best way to create good income in Nigeria. Though there are many businesses you can do online but, I see importation business as the best because if you know the right way to do it, you will get the best result.  Read the rest of this entry

5 Ways To Make Money On Your Blog

You’ve probably heard a lot of testimonies out there on how people making money on their blog and you are skeptical whether it’s true or not. When I wanted to start internet business I make a lot of researched on how to make money online and one thing that interest me is how to make money blogging. Sounds great right?

Way of making money on your blogs

Yes, I read a blog post on Yaro Starak blog and I downloaded his book “Blog profits” Yaro is someone that I respect so much when it’s comes to making money blogging, maybe because of his information I read that gave me more information on how to make money blogging or because he has been making thousands of dollars every month before I started my blogging carrier I don’t know, I just knew that I always like to read information from this guy.  Read the rest of this entry

Many people used to ask me questions if they should quit their 8-5 jobs because they don’t have time for their family. But have found myself working for different company all because I want to gain them as a client. Am a social media manager and any company I walked to may want to hire me to work full time, and they are not ready to pay good money. Many will even be offering me what cannot feed me in a week for monthly salary.

Profitable Business to start in Nigeria

But sometime, I take the job because I want to confuse them; I want them to know the reason why they need my service. Read the rest of this entry

Hello Reader, Am here to give you another Tips on How to make money on clickbank working for less than an 1hour daily. If you have not read my post on 8 Powerful clickbank Tips to make over $500 monthly go here and read it now. 8 Tips to make money on Clickbank

When you finish reading it, you can come back here and read this post to help you. Clickbank is a good site to make money if you know the right way to set it up or if you can invest in it. Don’t look at the money you will spend, look at what you can make in future. But the problem is how to get the right knowledge to promote clickbank products successfully. Don’t worry, I will show you the best way you need to know. And I will tell you why you need blog to make money on clickbank.

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8 Powerful Tips To Make Over $500 Monthly On Clickbank

75% of people reading this post known about Clickbank. Am very sure of that and 74.2% of these people find it difficult to make money on clickbank, this Powerful website. Definitely you are doing something wrong. Some people will tell you to register on clickbank, get your affiliate link and start promoting the offer on facebook and twitter.

new way to make money with clickbank in 2017

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Have been doing something since last year and I will be so selfish if I don’t show you guys. Is about how am making over $100 daily on Fiverr. Though I like to practice something and succeed in it before telling people. So, please calm yourself and don’t allow anybody to distop you when reading this.

Around Oct Last year, when I thought very well that I don’t want to spend too much time online and I want to make money. And I want to be selling high demand service on fiverr. I visited FIVERR home page and checked all the categories to see the high demand service. After my searching I find 5 good services and 5sellers that are selling this services each.

I did alot of researched and see how these sellers are making money on Fiverr, why most of them have over 100 orders Queue. after a week research, I find out how this people are getting orders on fiverr. Read the rest of this entry

4 Tips For Fiverr Outsourcing to Make Over $50 Daily

Please read this very well because this can change your life and can make you leave that your 8hours job within 3months. Before I will start let me tell you little about my success on fiverr, How am making over $100 daily on fiverr. When I start fiverr back then, 15months ago, I don’t have service to offer on fiverr until I stumble upon an eBook that talked about outsourcing. I bought the book and within 2months I became Level 2 seller without any skill.

Yes, you have been for a way to make money on Fiverr but you don’t have any skill. Before I could learn any skill I have made over $2500 using outsourcing. So, this is the reason why you will need to listen to me and read this post very well.  Read the rest of this entry

As you know that I will always find the best service for my clients and my visitors. Have been looking for the best email builder for a long time. I have tried Traffic wave as a free one, but is a totally useless. I have tried aweber. Is okay but is too cost.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG
I have tried get respond is also manageable but also cost. I now realized that not everybody can avoid these service most especially the newbie.

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The Best And The Cheapest Hosting Company In Nigeria

Hey Friends,

I knew some people will be wondering that; what happen to all the other post on my blog. I just decide to remove everything and start new one for a reason, don’t worry am here with new and good ideas. And am sorry that its been long i update last, is just that am very busy this days. Am trying my best to give you the next business update that you can do and make money fast. You know what is happening in Nigeria right now. Note:

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG
I will not give you any tips about mm, charity or anything but I can never condemn them because people are making money.
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