8 Powerful Tips To Make Over $500 Monthly On Clickbank

75% of people reading this post known about Clickbank. Am very sure of that and 74.2% of these people find it difficult to make money on clickbank, this Powerful website. Definitely you are doing something wrong. Some people will tell you to register on clickbank, get your affiliate link and start promoting the offer on facebook and twitter.

new way to make money with clickbank in 2017

My friend, you are only helping clickbank to get traffic without any commission. But if you know the secret, you will be doing little work and be making good money on clickbank. You need to learn how to promote this site product. Adam Short and Yaro who are making over $100,000 monthly on clickbank have their secret and I will be sharing some of their secret to you here.

Here is the powerful Tips to make money on clickbank;

Chose A Niche

You must be very careful in this area. You need to chose what you can write on very well. The 3 hottest niches are: Money making, Health and Friendship/Relationship. These threes niches are very powerful. But 2 weeks ago I was making some research online about clickbank and I found 2 other niches. “food/wire, and Sport. This will help you chose the best you like.

What important is; you must chose the niche that you will be getting at least one articles of minimum of 500 worlds in a week. That is for lazy person you said? Yes, that is for lazy person because nothing stop you from writing over 5articles in a week. Someone gave me a job to do on fiverr some days ago. Is about articles writing, he told me to write 10 articles with pictures 500 words each. I promised to finish it within 7days and I finished the job within 2days. He was surprised and gave me positive Review. So, you can hire someone on freelancing site if you don’t have time to write. But is better you find the niche where you can write about to avoid wasting money.

Register on Clickbank

After choosing your niche go straight to clickbank and register. If you have problem in register, please contact me let me guide you and I will teach you the best way to promote clickbank products. After you have registered. Go to clickbank market place and search for products base on your niches. You will find at least 3best products to promote in any niche with high gravity.

Make sure that the gravity is more than 20. Gravity means the number of affiliate like you who have succeeded in selling that product. Some products have over 300 gravity, some 200. Like 3weeks diet and diabetes destroyer. If you find the products of 200 gravity that means, over 200 people like you have promote and sell it successfully. It means that is hot and if you sell it, you will surely make money with it. Some of these affiliate might have sold hundreds of this product. You can promote it and you can look for another product that the competition is low to that one.

make money on clickbank in this 2017

Get a Domain Name and Hosting

After choosing the product to promote you need to register a domain name and get hosting from good hosting company. I will advice you use Domainking to reduce your cost. Make sure that the domain name is related to your niche. It will not be wise to be promoting health product and you register a domain name like “Makemoneysimple.com or easyincome.com” that is very bad, even your targeted audience will not take you serious. If you are having problem with this, let me know.

I will advice you use Domain King for your domain name and hosting. Is not only cheap but is very fast with fast customer service. You can see what I wrote about Domain King here. Domain King is the best and reliable domain name. And the good news is; They gave me a coupon code to place on my site. If you register through the link I will drop you will get 30% discount. I mean if you regsiter for domain name or hosting here. You can also click on the image bellow and register straight You can contact me if you want me to do that for you

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

Download WordPress

The next thing is to get a wordpress install on your site. If you don’t know how to go about it you can contact me. But wordpress is very easy to work with. The first page you will need is optin page where people can subscriber for your news letter. This is where your prospect will land to whenever the follow any call to action on any of your post to drop their name and email.

You can download free wordpress plugin for optin page and edit it or you use the hosted form from your auto-responder company if you are using Aweber or Get-respond.

Create 7-12pages of Ebook

Base on the product you want to promote, create between 7-12pages of free report. This most be informative that your prospect will read and understand what you have to offer. You must work on this very well because if you fail at first you won’t get their attention again. Make sure you tell them little about you on the report and the reason why they need to listen to you. You can write some story about people who have positive resort about the product you are about to promote.

People love free gift and that free gist must be standout. If you don’t know how to create it, you can contact me and I will be happy to help you. I will create the best product base on your niche that will make your prospect take any offer you give them immediately.

Register on Auto-Responder Email Company

This is very important. Please don’t use free, though have used it in the past but is not okay at all, if you really want to make money, the best thing is to use paid one. You will find good auto-responder companies like Aweber, Get-Respond and trafficwave. But I will recommend traffic wave for starter because is cheap and is very good. Is just 17.8$ in a month and you know it’s free in the first month.

After you have registered, create your form, get the code and paste it on that optin page. Those that know about web design will understand me better. But if you use hosted form, you don’t need to get the code again. After this, you will need to create 35 powerful message for follow up, the welcome message which will include the link to download your free stuff. If you can’t create good email follow up, you can as well contact me and I will guide you through, You can click the image bellow and register for Trafficwave. You can even contact me and I will show you how to use it.

Email Marketing

Start Blogging

Now, I will advice if you just start, try to be posting at least 2 articles in a day for complete one month, that will result in 60 articles within a month. You will also need to do your site SEO, Backlink, bookmarking and blog commenting on other niche related blogs. You can buy those services on fiverr to make your site popular and index fast. I can also help you if you need my help on that.


Please, this step is very important because if you do all the steps above very well without advertisement you will not make any sales. Am telling you the truth. The best place to advertise is facebook and google because you will be able to set who will see your ads. With my research 2weeks ago, I got this result.

Clickbank Top Countries by conversion Rate:

  • Australia 20.9%
  • New Zealand 20.1%
  • Switzerland 18.9%
  • Norway 16.8%
  • United Kingdom 15.9%
  • Canada 15.0%
  • Belgium 14.0%
  • Japan 13.3%
  • Ireland 12.3%
  • USA 11.4%

I got many thing that I can’t share here because of time and space but I believed this result will help you to target the best audience that need your product when you want to advertise on facebook. I will advice you use $40 at first to advertise if you want to get fast result. If you have 1000 subscribers and you are promoting $20 offer with 75% commission and 15% of 1000 bought that product. That is $2,250. Let’s say you get that result between 3months re-invest again. Use $500 to advertise on facebook and you will see result.

I believed you understand. This is not a get rich quickly but is the best if you can invest on it is the everlasting business. If you use 100k to invest, you will make x3 of that money before 6months.

You said you don’t know how to go about it? Get in touch with us today and we will help you do the work. We help you do 99% of the work and you will do the only 1% which is to withdraw your money. You can contact us using the contact form on the contact page and lest work together.

Hope you enjoy this post? Please make sure of the comment box bellow and let hear what you need. Ask your questions and if possible you can add more Tips that I don’t add for other people to learn.

Please! Don’t forget to share this article to your friends and families. I believed they need it too.

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