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Everybody wants to make money online in 2018 but what are you doing to make it happen? Let’s start by saying happy New Year to you because this will be my first post on this blog this year. Have been busy putting something together, looking for a way to make 2018 a better year for all of us! I hope am able to get your attention with that topic?

That topic is not new right? You have read many content online on how to make money, even you have read a lot on how to make money in 2018. But, this one is different. Very different…….. Read the rest of this entry

Mini Importation Business Is What You Need Presently In Nigeria. As the year is about to end, many will be looking for a business to do to create a steady income online. Only God Knows how many searching result on Google this December Many are tired of working for someone else; they want to work for themselves. I do my mini importation business right inside my home without stress. There are many business you can do and one of these business is Fiverr but I count Importation is the best

Mini Importation Business is the best way to create good income in Nigeria. Though there are many businesses you can do online but, I see importation business as the best because if you know the right way to do it, you will get the best result.  Read the rest of this entry

Many people used to ask me questions if they should quit their 8-5 jobs because they don’t have time for their family. But have found myself working for different company all because I want to gain them as a client. Am a social media manager and any company I walked to may want to hire me to work full time, and they are not ready to pay good money. Many will even be offering me what cannot feed me in a week for monthly salary.

Profitable Business to start in Nigeria

But sometime, I take the job because I want to confuse them; I want them to know the reason why they need my service. Read the rest of this entry