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Building eCommerce to 7 Figures Monthly income within 6 months without importing a single product

"Over 60 of my students built 6-7 Figures income on eCommerce last year and we want to double that this year. Am sure you want to join us!"

Before Anything. I will advise you check the proof below.

This happened in First Week of August on Our eCommerce Store


You Can't watch the Video? Check the images below

That was August First Week Result.

I started this strategies this year January, see the result when have not even open my eCommerce Store below because I opened my eCommerce Store this year March

Money sent from my Logistic companies and some customers

You Can See The Order I Got In a Single Day on One Product Alone Below on that same Jan. without ecommerce store:

Let me Stop Here. You will spend days here if I continue to show you this proof

If you have been dreaming of starting ecommerce business in the private of your home, in your own time please, give me 5 minutes to read this page But!


If you are okay with this proof and you want to get this eCom 2 Profits course right awaw, click the order now below to get it at a discount price

Dear Friend,

Have you been looking for the proofing way to make good income in mini importation. Don't worry, am right here to take you step by step on how to build this business into millions within 6 months

Am a mini importer and Digital Marketing Expert. Have been doing ecommerce fully since 2017 and since then, have trained over 100 students one on one and over 500 students online who are also making over 300k- 1million profits monthly

The first time I imported was in 2014 and I have to stopped in 2015 becaue of high rate of dollars and is because I don't have the knowledge I have now then.

But, in Sept. 2017, I backed to the game fully and my digital marketing skills really helped me to spend less on facebook ads and get good result. I do spend just #1000 to sell products worth over 40k many time and that is exactly what am teaching my students

I Sacked My Boss  Because I Needed More Money And Time Freedom In life And Have Never Regret Of Making That Decision

One of my friend who was working in a big company earning 270k monthly was sacked two months ago and when He checked his account he has only 210k because he was spending more than 70% of the money he is earning. Why? because he has to live according to the standard of his job and he must leave close to where he is working. You and I know that, to get house in Ikoyi Lagos is not a child play and considering the life he will want to live because of his job.

Why am I telling you this? Because, You don't know what can happen tomorrow. Is better you build your business while you are still working and by the time they tell you that they don't need your service again, it will not affect you too much.

My firend has turned that 210k to 761k last week. And thank God that he came to me very fast, his life would have been in a mesh now. What if he has been doing his business before he was sacked, do you think it will affect him? Nooooo. Am sure he might have even sacked his boss before they sacked him.

I Sacked My Own Boss To Face My Business In Sept. 2017

I was working in one construction company. They gave me 4 bedroom flats with Good office but I needed more than what were giving me. When I checked how much they were paying me I noticed that I can't be rich if am doing this work for 20 years, and the worst thing is; I don;t have time freedom. It was then I was searching for the next thing to do, I can't find any but my old mini importation business.

Then, I have to research more on the new way to start mini importation. Within 3 days, I discovered why I left this business in 2015 and the next thing to do. I bought many course, attends many premium training just to start. so, I started fully in Sept. 2017.

See The Reason While I Left My Job

My first facebook ads brought in 80k profits in just 8days. It was then I knew that have been wasting my time working for people. The following week is month end, I told my boss that am relocating to Lagos. I spent another 7k on facebook ads to sell 124k products in just 3days. Then, I know that I don't have option than to leave that environment before they will use another thing to tie my destiny dawn.

Since then, I never look back. I work the time I want, I eat whatever I like and I spend money anytime I want. I don't wait for salary again.

I have trained over 600 people this same business since Dec. 2017 till now both online and Offline

Since am fully back to the game, have been learning how to make more money on this business every single day. I won't lie to you, sometimes I failed too but because I keep on researching every day, that failure is 5%. Because of this business, have met many people online and offline that paid me good money to set up facebook advert for them.

Two of my students bought cars in Aug. 2018 using thesame information am about to show you right now. some are using their money to invest in properties because that is one of the thing am teaching them.

 A guy (Secondary school graduate) called me two days ago that he just received his first payment from the logistic. When he told me the amount I was like wow...... 179k in just 11days for someone who just left secondary school?

Am telling you this for you to know that you can do this business. Seriously, you can build this business to millions within 6months if you are ready to take the steps I will be teaching you.

Introducing ...

This ECOM TO PROFITS Video Course Will help you

  • Discover How to Start Without Importing: Yes! This is what usually scared alot of people away on Mini Importation. I and my students just discovered a system where we can get the hot in the market products here in Nigeria and still make over 300% Profits on any of these products. A products Bought here in Nigeria for #3000 and still sell it fast for $12,000
  • Build Steady Income - You will use this video to build steady income on Mini Importation Business with just 10k Without Importing Single Product
  • Discovered The Hot In Demand Products  - You will discovered the products that will sell like pure water in the hot weather. Only my students know this.
  • Discover a Products That only You Will Be Selling Without Competition  - You want to standout, you want to sell products that no one will be selling? Then, you need this video course. This video will teach you how to discover products that no one is selling except you

This Video is Easy to Learn Because You Will Start Implementing What is There in Less Than 24 Hours

Yes! In less than 24hours after watching this videos, you will start right away. One possible thing is; you can make your first sales in less than 5hours after launching your facebook ads.

If you want to proof what am saying then, get this video right away. You will see what am telling you. It has worked for alot of people and am very sure that it will work for you except you don't follow what is inside the Video

Hear What People Are Saying About This Course

" I really spear this little period to appreciate you for the wonderful service you offered to me. 

Coming to the achievements made so far, I think they are volumes to be counted  ranging from psychological, emotional, spiritual and material achievements.  Lastly I wish to say thank you once again to you because you made me to believe that idleness is an option...."

Obidike Austin From Anambra

" When it come to Importation, Mr Femi has a lot of hidden secret that many importer don’t have. He Is my best internet business friend. In fact sometime I used to wonder where and how he got all this Information. have never regret of using His Information. And you will not regret of going for this Information, it will be the best investment....."

Akanbi David

" Ezekiel had been one of my most outstanding Importer who took what he learnt into a new dimension. His Seriousness and commitment has made him standout in the Importation business world. He has mentor alot of student and all of this students are doing well. I recommend His Guild, is the best ever....."

  Peter Effiong, CEO

Do You Want To Join My Team?

If you decide to join us today. Then I welcome you, because I and my Team are ready to work with you to make you sack your boss in the next 3months. You will discover how to make millions monthly and tell your boss that you want to work for yourself.

This Is What You Will Be Getting Inside This Course

  • How to Start This Business Without Importing a Single Product and Still make over 300% Profits on the products you are selling
  • 5 hottest products that is selling crazy
  • The Top Website To Get This Products In Nigeria
  • How To Ship Any Products From China Within 48 Hours
  • How To Set Up Facebook Advert That Convert Very Well
  • How to Set up Instagram Ads to sell your products
  • My best Chinese Agent that are ready to work with you
  • How to deliver the product anywhere in Nigeria without leaving your house
  • How to edit your short ads video within 2minutes
  • How to start with Just 5k And make over 200k Weekly
  • How to sell your imported products on Ecommerce Sites for more money
  • What people are doing wrong and how you can avoid it
  • How to standout in the market by selling products that no one will be selling 
  • And Many More ...

 With all these proof, Testimonies and Recommendation from other people, how much do you think this Course Should go For?

I could charge you N100,000 for this Course Because of the effectiveness of the strategies I revealed therein  and for the fact that you will start earning soon and also because many people are selling the same product for over 150k. But I'm not going to do that. Why? I want to make the price affordable so that every person who is interested in getting this amazing course could get it.

If I charged #50,000 is not much also but I don’t want you to complain that you don’t have money to get this course so I will charge this Course for a token of  N10,000 only.

But you have to take advantage of this low price now because it is available for... A VERY LIMITED TIME  alot of people sell this type of information 50,000-100,000. Am selling it for N20,000, but will release it to serious people for N10,000

Get it now as the price will go back to the normal price in

If You Order Before The Promotion Expire, You will Get These Bonuses

 You Will Think I am Crazy If You Grab Your Own Copy of This Course Today, I Will Give You the 5 Mind-blowing Bonuses Fast Action Bonus But if you don’t grab your copy today, you may not see this bonus here tomorrow. Here are the bonuses:


Camtasia Studio Software (Worth $170)

This software is for video editing. If you want to use video for your facebook ads, you will be able to use this to edit any video within 3 minutes. I have included the video on how to use it on the package.



20 Hot In Demands Products (Worth #15,000)

You can chose from any of these products and cash over 200k profits weekly. One good thing about this offer is; I will keep on updating my students on new products  



My Facebook Marketing Video Course (Worth #20,000)

This is a step by steps process on how to advertise on facebook, it's includes how to advertise Adult products without getting banned by facebook Team. You can use this same video course to drive traffic to any website and the good news is, I exposed how you can Launch your facebook ads with just #500. Am selling this product for 20k but am going to give you for free if you order this products today. NOTE: This product will be remove as part of bonus any moment from now and you will have to get it for 20k if you don't take this advantage today.



Insta Builder Software That Drive Sales (Worth $90)

Yes! This is one of the best Bonus you will be getting if you order for this video course today. This software increased my sales from 7 orders a day to over 50 orders in a single day. Don't fail to get this amazine software



My Mentorship Program And Whatsapp Group

I used to received many calls that many Nigerian selling information don't used to respond to their students once they collect money. Well! You can read the above testimonies, I believed you will know that am not the type. If you pay for this course, you are paying for my mentorship. If I don't attend to you, you have a right to ask for refund.


With all these bonuses, what is stopping you to make a decision that will change your life and live the type of dream you want in life? Well! Read more?


“No Shipping cost saves your money” This Video is a DIGITAL product and we send you downloading link instantly. This means you can get it today.  

NOTE: 10,000 Naira promo price is a limited time offer and can be increase back to N20,000 at  any time without formal notification.

Selling price                      #20,000

Promo price today                #10,000

You don't want to pay online? Send #10,000 to our account and follow the instruction bellow


Bank Account Name: Ezekiel Oluwafemi

Account Number: 2255766580

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

For International payment. Make your Payment into Our perfect money account to enjoy our discount offer. You call call us and we will send you the details. You can also pay by Bitcoin, Please contact us for that

 After making your payment using the bank payment method contact us at and text to Whatsapp: 08136486740 with your payment details; If you do Transfer you will only need to send your name, email and the amount you paid with the screen short to me on  whatsapp.


                        You May Prefer One-On-One  Training

You may decide to come to me for one-on-one training. and this will make you see me face to face, is a 4hours one-on-one training. you can contact me for more information on this, but I charge N50,000 for one-on-one training, no negotiation. you will see my details bellow  

P.S. Every second you wait the opportunity are still available, you will do nothing. Success in life requires action, so act right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

PPS: you are covered with our 90 days Money-back guarantee, if in any case after payment for the package and you didn’t yield the desired result as stated here kindly call or email us for refund.

But if you benefit from this Course please, always recommend this manual to your friends or facebook friend.

PPPS: Our customer support lines and email address are always opens for you to contact us and ask any further question. Just ask and we will be glad to attend to you.

Thanks for your time

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