Reason Why You Need Blog For Clickbank to Make Over $100 Daily

Hello Reader, Am here to give you another Tips on How to make money on clickbank working for less than an 1hour daily. If you have not read my post on 8 Powerful clickbank Tips to make over $500 monthly go here and read it now. 8 Tips to make money on Clickbank

Clickbank ProductsWhen you finish reading it, you can come back here and read this post to help you. Clickbank is a good site to make money if you know the right way to set it up or if you can invest in it. Don’t look at the money you will spend, look at what you can make in future. But the problem is how to get the right knowledge to promote clickbank products successfully. Don’t worry, I will show you the best way you need to know. And I will tell you why you need blog to make money on clickbank.

Let’s say you have a restaurant and I also have mine. Both of us in a very good environment. In your own restaurant, people will just come, buy whatever they want to buy and go away. But in my own case before I can even allow them to buy anything. I firstly serve them bottle water to cool down and I gave them a form to fill before they order for what they need.

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You know have got their attention by giving them the bottle water and they will be happy to fill the form. Maybe the form indicate a place to fill their name and phone number even if they fill the form and decide not to buy anything I don’t lose anything because I have their details with me already. But I tell you, 99% of them will never leave without buy anything after drinking the bottle water. They will be eager to know why my own business is unique than others.

After they leave my shop, the following morning they receive a message from my restaurant company saying: “Thanks for stopping by yesterday, we hope you have a nice day with B&B Restaurant yesterday. We always planned to serve you better. Please don’t forget to always stop by anytime you need our service. God bless you”

Where do you think they will go tomorrow? Straight to my Restaurant because I knew the strategies to sell to repeated customer and the person will be receiving at least 2 to 3 messages from me in a week. But in your own case, the customer that comes today might not come again and there is no means of getting such person back again.

Internet business is even worse than that restaurant because people want to be friend with you first before they can take any offer from you. They want to know if you are the type of person who can solve their problem.

Let’s say you create post about SEO, because I love that SEO very well, this is the reason why I will always read Glen post CEO of Viperchill, even if I see the post at the middle of the night. If I find your post interested like Glen post, I will be ready to take any action on your site. Let’s say am reading Glen post and at the bottom of that post I saw: “get free report on how to submit your site to 200 site engine within 5days”

I don’t have option than to submit it because I want to rank my site by all means. And after downloading the eBook, I receive a message in my email on the following day, thanking me for downloading your eBook. I will feel happy that you are thanking me for the gift you gave me. Maybe on the third day you sent me an offer that land on the sales page of the products you are promoting. I will be excited to see what you have for me even if I will pay for that product. But I may not have money to buy that product at that moment and I promised to buy it in future. But if I don’t receive your message again I may not remember forever.

Can you now see the reason why you need website/blog to promote clickbank product if you want to make money on clickbank and make it a steady income. If you buy facebook ads to the offer straight, Let’s say you send 1000 people to that offer page straight, hardly will you see one person that will buy that product.

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If you leave free gift for your audience it will make them hungry for your future products.
If you don’t make people hungry, they will not see the reason why they need to eat when you give them food. Don’t forget that the email you get from this people can make you a lot of money in future. You can sell many products for them in future. So, be unique, standout among your competitors, you will see your profits and smile.

If you need my help, you can contact me using the contact form page and I will be happy to answer any question you may ask.

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