The Systems to Apply to Your Fiverr Business in 2017 and Make Over $100 Daily

Have been doing something since last year and I will be so selfish if I don’t show you guys. Is about how am making over $100 daily on Fiverr. Though I like to practice something and succeed in it before telling people. So, please calm yourself and don’t allow anybody to distop you when reading this.

Make Money on Fiverr

Around Oct Last year, when I thought very well that I don’t want to spend too much time online and I want to make money. And I want to be selling high demand service on fiverr. I visited FIVERR home page and checked all the categories to see the high demand service. After my searching I find 5 good services and 5sellers that are selling this services each.

I did alot of researched and see how these sellers are making money on Fiverr, why most of them have over 100 orders Queue. after a week research, I find out how this people are getting orders on fiverr.

how to make money online in 2017

But I asked myself a question. Here is the question: “Did I have the software these people have to deliver these services?” My answer then was capital NO. So, what can I do? How can i make money on fiverr? I thought of buying these services from these people and resell it because all these people are selling it for $5 and so far fiverr is more than $5 I can set my own for $10 or more.

And am telling you the truth about what happened. Between Oct 27th till January 10th I made total profits of $1656 on this alone on fiverr outsourcing. And by March ending am planning to reach $4000 or more. You better believe me my friend, because some people are reading this now and they don’t believe me.

So, I will be teaching you my experience and how I made success out of this strategy within the next minutes. Make sure you stop every other thing you are doing right now to concentrate on this because I want to share my making money experience with you. I believed you will learn things that will make you forget about recession in the next 1 or 2months.

You can check here for more information if you don’t have fiverr account yet or you have not hear about fiverr. Even if you have been doing fiverr before you will need to visit here and see what is there. Go here to see how to make over $5000 on Fiverr Monthly

Most of the thing I discovered is not new. One thing about life is; what you thought it will not sell will be the best product and what you don’t even think might be in high demand. As I said above, I gathered 5 best selling services on fiverr. I will list these services and pick it one after the other.

But before I list the service, I will show you how these people are making sales that most of them have over 100 order in queue. They are not special but they are doing something special. Before I will list 3 key ways that these people followed to achieve this service I will tell you some basic way. Many people might have come across what I want to disclose now but for the sake of the people who don’t know. I will like to show it.

Am very sure that if you follow me and apply everything I will show you in the next few minutes your Fiverr business will grow like never before. Now, let me show you these basic Tips.

The First one is: GIG RANKING: I will not spend too much of time here because where we are going is far. I don’t know if you have notice this; If you search for a service on fiverr, some people gigs always come first and is everytime. Not only the Top Rated seller this time around. Go and search now and you will see some people even level 0 seller will be among the first 20 gigs.

how to make money online in 2017

Let me tell you their secret.

When my friend told me, I don’t believe him. After some days, I reluctantly tried it and within 5days one of my gig was among the first 15 on my category. What this guy told me back then is what I will tell you.

Go to fiverr and search for any service on your category. Check the first 3 Gigs that have a lot of positive review. What you will do is, copy their Title even if you will change anything don’t change more than 1word. But what I do is, I don’t remove any word instead, I add more. For example: If someone write like this: I will provide you 1000 high quality twitter followers. My own will be: “I will provide you 1000 high quality real twitter followers” As you can see, there is no subtraction. I only include “Real”. You don’t need to copy their description like that. What you need is Title and Tag. Make sure you use all their Tags.

If you do this, with what I will be showing your gig will be ranking well and you will be making at least 3-5sales in a day for starting. Hope you understand this, please if you don’t understand let me know and I will explain to you better.

The second thing is Buyer Request. I will not talk about this because have explain everything in details on this topic “4Tips for Fiverr Outsourcing” See the screen short bellow and see the benefits of buyer Request:

internet business in Nigeria 2017

I bought this same service on fiverr for $5 and have not even Review the seller and the buyer have Review me already. Giving me Good Rating. 5Star.

The third one is Fiverr Forum. You can also check that topic, you will find it there because have talked about that before. So, I will be showing you the 3best way that these people are s=using to promote their fiverr gig and get order on this post.

Please If you appreciate this, I will beg you to share it to your friends. You can even share to your facebook friends. If I keep this to myself, I will not gain anything and I will not lose anything but what I shared will help some people and it may change their story. The sweet thing about it is; if they succeed in it tomorrow they will thank me wherever they are. So, if you share it to people, they will always pray for you if they succeed tomorrow.

These three Ways that I said is

  • Blog
  • Youtube and
  • Facebook

You don’t understand what I mean? I will show you now. I want to use edu backlink as an example. If am selling backlink service on fiverr like; dofollow backlink, blog comment, sit ranking etc. all go in the same way.

What I will do is. I will create a blog for site seo and begin to make post. 3 to 4 post per week is okay, but if you want fast and quick result, I will advice you to make at least a post in a day. This will make you to reach many people and it will really help your site. You don’t need to crack your brain on what to write. Just search on google for pdf base on your niche. You will get hundreds of book, download it and start posting it after edit some.

Cost of site?

That is what is in your mind. Don’t worry yourself about it. Free blogspot is okay for you. Yes! Free blogspot will be the best if you have time to make a post. I created one blogspot some time ago, I don’t visit it for the past 6months because I don’t think about it. I just visited the blog about a week ago and find out that this blog is getting over 100 visitors from google in a single day. And 85% of these are from USA. Here is the site: Health Blog

If you visit the site you will notice that have monetized it. Yes! I just did that some weeks ago because I can’t allow my audience to waste. I made a lot of effort to create all those content then. I can’t just let people visit the site and go like that when there are millions of dollars to be made on Clickbank.

So, after create your free blog. At every of your post make sure you use call to action. Like; “ Do you want expert to Handle your seo project. Visit here and see our completed project” You can use picture of your gig, whenever they click on that picture, it will land them on your gigs.

Another thing that you will need to do if you have been making money you will need to get autoreponder . I mean to get your audience emails and name. You can create a pop up optin page. At any page, it will pop up and they will enter their details. With this, you will be sending message to them telling them your new post and your new gigs.

You can even tell them that you are doing promotion. That if they order 3 you will give them 1 more. This will really move your business. Those that knows about internet marketing will understand me.

Before I will forget, For the auto-responder. Don’t try to use free Auto-responder because is not okay, Have used it sometime ago and it really affect my business. So, don’t think about using free one. And the best paid one that will not waste your money is Trafficwave. This is very okay. I will not talk t much about this here. You can visit my site and read an articles on Best and cheapest Auto-responder company.

The next thing is t create Video base on your services. You can pay someone on fiverr to do this for you. But you don’t have money to start. Don’t worry. Go to Youtube and download any video based on your Service. You will need to edit it because the owner will include their site on the video, but you can remove it if you have basic knowledge on editing. If you can’t edit, you can contact me, I can do that for you.

Don’t download the one that is more than 5minutes. Like me, I always use the one of 1-2minutes. Because people are too busy to watch video or do anything, but if your video can explain your products within 60 seconds. Then you are good to go.

Fiverr Outsourcing

The next is to create Youtube Channel and upload this video back. But that is not where am going. Though, people that visit your site through that video is another benefit. Once you use good keywords, people will watch the video.

The next thing is to create Facebook page for that your service. Creating a facebook page will not be problem for you I guess? Now: after creating the fan page. You will need to make at least 10 post on that page. You can share your blog post on this page using the social sharing at the bottom of every post.

Make sure you have good Cover photo and profile photo related to your blog. This will make people trust your service. I will advice you use foreign address for this type of business. Now; go and upload that Video on facebook and write like 2line that include the link to the articles that relate to that video. Don’t let it more than 2line for facebook to approve it fast.

After you have published it. You will see “Boost This Post” Yes, you will need to boost the post to make you get the people you want. Click on that boost. And make sure you target USA on your targeted audience. I don’t need to talk too much about post boosting, If you don’t know how to do that, we can help you but not for free.

After they approve your ads, you will be seeing notification like likes and comments. What you need is for the people to visit your blog, subscribe to your list and land on your gigs that is all.

I believed you understand, please if you don’t understand, please comment bellow and tell me the part you don’t understand. I believed I have covered all these three way. If there is any I forgot, if I remember, I will let you know. I believed this will help your fiverr business in this new year. I want us to go quickly to these services.

The services am talking about are:

  • Site Ranking: Backlinking, blog comment, social bookmarking etc. anything that do with SEO.
  • Graphic Design: Logo Design, Business card, E-cover. Etc.
  • Articles Writing: Script Writing, Blog content, products Review. Etc
  • Video Editing
  • Video Creation: Whiteboard, explainer intro. 
  • And The Top Among Them: Guest Posting

Yes! You have been seeing all these services but you don’t know that you can make a lot f money with it. Why these services is selling like crazy on fiverr is because is all about website. Thousands of people are designing website everyday and they want people to notice them.


Anybody that open website today will need content to put on the site. Not that they cannot write the content by themselves but some people need someone who is good in that field to write good SEO content for them. And many of these people don’t have time to write because they have many projects at hand.

About the Video script writing: Many of these people who just open site or who have site already want t promote their site on Youtube and facebook using Video as you know that video will help any promotion than just a text or even image.

So, many people are coming to Fiverr to find someone who will write video script for them, if you can even create the video, they will tell you to write the script and create the video. Go to fiverr and search for this gig you will see what am talking about.


You know what backlink is all about. Let me just say is simply the way to Rank your site on google or other site. There are many way to do that. Some, time ago, when I check my site on google the alexa was Ranking like 15millions within 3days I did a lot of work within 8months that it’s now Ranking 1.5millions. I don’t have time I would have work on that site because my plan it to make the site rank between 100k-200k. is not bad, Nairaland is Ranking 1k plus on the world.

If my site is Ranking like 100k is okay for me and I want to work on it if I have time before the end of this year. So, backlinking is very important in the site.

Video Editing

This is one of the best services. Not even in the fiverr but everywhere. If you look at how people watch video online today you will see that video is the best way for business promotion. Imagine if you know how to edit, you will be making thousands of dollars monthly.

There are many editing software that you can use. The best I will recommend is Adobe Primere pro. This software is the best and is what many people are using, even many movie producers. But it very difficult to get. Like me now, I lost it on my system and have been looking for a way to get it back, have not.

But if you can’t find it, Camstia studio is okay. In-fact is one of the best. And you can also use window movie maker. That movie maker usually come with window XP. But if you are using window 7,8,10 you can search for it and download it.

You need to find way to know how to use these software. Go to YOUTUBE and search for the step by step process on how to use any of these software. You will get hundreds of videos if not thousands. Watch it and practice.

Video Creation

I don’t need to talk too much on this. As I told you above that people are creating videos everyday to upload on youtube. If you know how to create videos or you have good software for video, then you are good to go. There are many software for this work. They are paid one. I have video maker fx, if you need it you can contact me. Make sure you learn about it very well.

Graphic Design

This will always sell like crazy on fiverr. Is a high demand services. There are many works under this topic. We have logo, e-Cover, photo editing, flyers, ID Card, business card. Etc. People are coming to fiverr everyday to look for this service. And the good news about it is, you have the software to use on your system. Yes! You have Photoshop on your system. Or you don’t have? If you don’t have it, 2 out of your 4friends will have it on their system. Go and get it from them.

How to use this is what important. But you don’t have problem with that. Go to YouTube. Everything I learned today, I learn it from Youtube and Google search. Go and search YouTube and see the service you want there. You will get many videos, download it and start watching it, as you are watching make sure you have the software ready. Watch and practice.

If you can’t provide these services. Don’t worry yourself; just use the system I told you above. Start buying and selling on fiverr. Buy the service of $5 and resell it for $10 or more. Sometime I buy service for $5 and resell it for $50 or more. It depends how perfect and smart you are.

I hope you have gain many thing here. I would have blamed myself if I don’t share this to you guys. Thank God I shared it. I hope you will start apply this now because I don’t want my hard work to waste. If there is anything I forgot or that I did not include please drop it on the comment box bellow. And if you have any question please ask now by using the comment box bellow.

Before you go, You can go here if you have not start. Go and see my proofing system on how am making over $100 daily doing nothing on fiverr here.

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