It’s exactly two years today that I joined fiverr, though I once sign up in 2014 but I don’t have system to operate it and I was using one small phone then that can only access facebook and google, I even collected that phone from my younger brother back then.

I started fiverr on June 20 2015, I was living with a friend, a brother and a mentor. The man is my good mentor, he taught me how to make money online, not about fiverr oooo, but I collected some fiverr information from him which really helped me. I was living with him because he have what I don’t have then. You can imagine someone who has been doing internet business since 2006, I have to learn from expert.

I need to appreciate him because many things he taught me then and what I bought on internet is what am applying for my business till today. His name is Effiong, if he is reading this post I believed he will laugh and call me. Yea! He is a good man, many people cannot do what he has done for me.

Now! Despite the fact that I have mentors and I have many information, there are many challenges I face in trying to make money on fiverr, I believed the reason was, Mr. Effiong was not doing fiverr then, he was not interested again because he said they have blocked many of his account and he was making money on e-Currency back then, I have to face the business myself. I mean fiverr business, because I learnt everything I know about Importation from this man except the one I got from Patrick Ogidi.

I want to tell you my experience, my failure, my mistakes and my success for you to learn. You can’t just wake up one day and become a millionaire; you need to deep yourself into the river of knowledge before you make things happen. And if you need knowledge you need to go to people who are doing the same business you want to start. A doctor cannot get helpful information from a bricklayer, never…..

Though, I created my first money making account on that same 20th of June and I got order that same day. But the buyer later cancel the order because she was a scammer but I got another order the following day and that was the beginning of my fiverr hidden Gold.

What are these challenges that I face?

The first challenge is what to sell on fiverr. At first, I don’t know what to sell. My first gig back then was facebook group posting because I have joined many us groups on facebook in 2014 when I wanted to promote one viral link, I have forgotten the name of the website. I tried to create gig on that and I was able to land my first sales after the first order was cancel, and I got 5 star Rating.

But, because I don’t have any knowledge, I don’t know which service to sell again, On the 10th of June, I watched one of the Videos I collected from Mr. Effiong the CEO of Naija Credits Card, that was where I learnt about outsourcing, but the site that this man was talking about was a little bit technical for me, I leave and was reading on one of the ebook I got from him, that is where I read about and seoclerk. frustrated me, because of the delivery time. If a seller promised 1 day, in 3days, he will not deliver and will not even send message to you to tell you the reason; this affected my responds rating and delivery time until I find a way to use seoclerk very well.

Do you know that I was able to sell 15gigs on that same month despite the fact that I don’t have experience? My total earning that month was $270 if I don’t forget because I sold extra gigs very well then and I became a Level 1 seller. The following month, I met someone who got me my first 1k dollar on fiverr. The lady was buying twitter followers and traffic from me then.

Remember that I was doing outsourcing? I will order for 1dollar and resell for $5. Sometime I got over 600 percent of my investment. I was comfortable with that because I was making money, with that outsourcing, I was able to make over $2700 on outsourcing alone, but they don’t give me Top rated because my order cancellation was high. I did not even think of using my earning money to buy software for me to be rendered my service by myself. But, I learnt a big lesson when fiverr took my account back to Nigeria from US in Sept. Remember I don’t have service that can make me sell as a Nigerian, I was outsourcing and Fiverr don’t care, there is no way to confuse them that am buying service from foreigner.

My level two accounts cannot maintain it’s level again, I was looking for a way but no way. I managed to get 6 orders in a week, me that usually get at least 4 orders in a single day. Then, I formatted my system to open another fiverr account, they blocked my formal account and also blocked the new one. I opened another one, they blocked it.

With all these, I became strong and I promised myself that am going to make money on fiverr no matter what happen, I opened another account and that was how I started making money. Do you know one thing, I was learning something when fiverr was blocking my account and that was how I became strong up till today.

I can say it anyway! If it were you, you would have ignore it and conclude that fiverr is not working when you can see by yourself that many people are making money on this platform.

There are two guys that make me believed that I can make money on fiverr then, Alex_rummer and crockservice, if I don’t mistake the spelling. These two guys was making thousands of dollars on fiverr then, anytime I looks at their profile, I always smiled and said to myself, I must make it on fiverr. If I don’t make mistake, according to the news I received from fiverr then, Crockservice was making over 20k monthly on fiverr then.

If I don’t believe in myself, I won’t make money on fiverr. It was because of my experience that made me create Fiverr Hidden Gold. This product was created purposely for the people who don’t know what to sell and who don’t have time to do any job because of their 8-5 daily job. I used to received many messages and calls, they will ask me if there is any business they can do that required less time, and I always recommend fiverr outsourcing.

As at March 2017, my Fiverr Hidden Gold Video was still about outsourcing only until I created Volume two which means I added some services you can do yourself to make money without spending too much of your time on fiverr.

I just uploaded it online some days ago after a lot of research and after editing. This is not about outsourcing alone; there are other high demand services that you will find in this video. If you want to make money on fiverr fast, then click on the bellow picture and get the video

I have made a lot of mistake, but what I discovered is; If I have the information like Fiverr Hidden Gold, I won’t make that mistake. I was watching one Nigeria Video Tutorial last year, I bought that video for 10k last year. Are you surprised? I believed that I can learn another new thing, that is the reason why I bought the video, but the presentation was bad. I mean, the guy did not deliver what he promised on his sales page. But, do you know that I still learn something there?

Information is power. Go for information wherever you can find it. There are many mistakes I made and I faced many challenges but time will not permit me to mention all here. I just want you to learn from my mistake and for you not to have that type of problem. I hope you will learn?

If you still find it difficult to make money on fiverr then, Fiverr Hidden Gold is for you. I have exposed a lot of hidden secret about fiverr and you only need to start implementing it. Go and get if now. Go here and get it

Please, do me a favour, you have many friend son facebook, twitter, and other social media sites which I may not have access to these people, and they may be looking for this type of information. Many of them might have failed on fiverr before or have been looking for a way to make money on this site. Why don’t you share it with them and let them also learn something, they will surely thank you later.

I will be expecting your respond as a comment by using the comment box bellow, maybe to ask questions or to add to my experience according to your knowledge. Your comment is very important to me, is a number one thing for me to know if you enjoy my article.


Ezekiel Oluwafemi is a Social Media Manager, The CEO of Femstic Marketing & Media Affiliate marketer, Mini-Importer, a Freelancer and internet coaching. Teaching people how to make money as an affiliate and how to start making money blogging with less stress.
The Author of “Fiverr Hidden Gold (Video and E-book Tutorial), New Importation Made Easy and the Owner of Naija Wealth Information.

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