I knew 75% of people reading this post are into Affiliate if not some are interested but they don’t know how to start because they don’t want to fail. It’s not easy to promote the affiliate products and is very easy if you have the right knowledge. Knowledge is what makes you different among your competitors.

But if you have been looking for a way to start making money from affiliate this means you are reading the best article that will make you to start in less than 24hours if you really need to. I want to show you some mistake that many people that want to promote affiliate products are making. Most of these people always complained that an affiliate product is not easy to promote.

The truth about life is; you can’t keep doing the same thing different time and be expecting different result. You need to learn the best way to do something before you conclude that is not working. The question you should ask is; why people are making money on clickbank if this is not working?

Many people have been calling me, sending messages to me times without number, asking me how am making money on clickbank with little effort. Well, my answer is; I have failed times without number in the past, and my failure makes me to learn a lot of things that give me result today.

This is the reason why I want to show you some mistake that many Affiliate marketers are doing wrong. And I will advice you follow this post very well and share with your friends after reading it.  There are people like you out there who need this same information. So, let’s go


What are these mistakes?

They don’t Create Relationship with Their Visitors

You know you are promoting other people’s products that is not your own and if you don’t have knowledge on what you want to promote you will end up giving the owner of the products 100% of the profits and you will not make any money. In promoting affiliate products, you will need to know how to get your targeted visitors details like email and name. You can check here for example


Why do you need this? A customer coming to the product page may not have intention of buying anything and you refer him/her to buy, he will just close the Tab and move to another thing. When it’s come to submitting credit card online, you know is not easy to get people details about that. So, you need to be wise, you need to create relationship with your audience first. How are you going to create relationship you said?

The First thing is to get a good free report base on the product you want to promote. 10-15pages is okay; make sure that the report is very powerful that will make your audience take action. If you can’t write you can hire writers on freelancing sites. The second thing is to get a landing page that you will direct traffic to, this will explain little about the report you want to share to people and the benefits of downloading your gift. Check good landing page example 

You know that on that landing page you will have the email and name submission form. The best one. And the best email auto-responder am using and I can recommend it for anyone is Traffic wave.  Reason why I said is the best is, this auto-responder is very cheap for the beginner and their service is very okay. So, once you have this. Go and create at least 45 follow up newsletter that you can spread for 2months.

Your free Report is the first relationship you create with your audience. Everybody love free gift so far you are not asking them to drop their credit card pin. They will be happy to drop their email and name to get your gift. Your second relationship is the message they received in the following day, thanking them for downloading your free gift yesterday. They will be happy, if they have not read that report they will go straight and read it.

You don’t have to send them to the offer page, let your offer page come along with your forth message. But create awareness on the 3rd message that you have one offer for them that you will be sending by tomorrow. Even if something can delay them not to open their email that day, they will do away with that thing. Because they want to get the offer, this is because of the first gift you gave them.

Don’t forget that you are building the email not for that product alone but for other related products. A customer can buy more than 5 products from you. And maybe in the future you can create your own product and sell it using your list.

If you can do this, you will enjoy the benefit but if you are trying to direct your visitors to the offer page, you will not see them again and 99.9% of these people will not buy that time and they may not come to that offer page again unless the owner of the product have the means of getting their details and you will not benefit from that.

Can you now see the mistake that many affiliate marketers are making. If you have been making this mistake I believed you will change the way you promote affiliate products. You can follow me on twitter and learn more. I learn from expert like John Chew, Mark Ling, Adam Short and many affiliate marketers. Twitter


Ezekiel Oluwafemi is a Social Media Manager, The CEO of Femstic Marketing & Media Affiliate marketer, Mini-Importer, a Freelancer and internet coaching. Teaching people how to make money as an affiliate and how to start making money blogging with less stress.
The Author of “Fiverr Hidden Gold (Video and E-book Tutorial), New Importation Made Easy and the Owner of Naija Wealth Information.

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